When it comes to identifying the technology you need to run your business, it can be challenging to discern the best solution for your business needs. Engage does more than just solve computer problems; we combine technology and small business consulting to develop technology solutions that fit.

Here is a partial list of some of the major technology projects we can provide for your business. The overall theme here is that we are probably not the right choice if you have a relatively simple, one-time issue that does not affect the whole company. Instead, we aim to help you identify those areas that continue to cause problems and limit your ability to effectively get work done — or meet your customers’ expectations — on a daily basis.

We are also interested in growth – helping you make informed decisions about technology solutions that fit your expectations, management style, and budget. We want to be your partner to help you achieve more within your business and its use of technology. We believe in taking the long-term approach and applying solutions designed to add value to your business.

Printing – We Do help clients navigate technology solutions including research, analysis, and professional expertise with long-term vision. Printing, copying, and scanning solutions should reflect cost savings, greater performance, added capabilities, improved security, or a better match for the company’s workflow.

We Do Not shop for the lowest prices on inkjet cartridges, printer paper, or USB cables. The exception would be for systems we have recommended or provided to ensure long-term reliability.

Overall Security – We Do help clients identify vulnerabilities in their networks and devices that could unnecessarily expose them to malware, infections, data theft, and breaches. This might be part of a larger risk analysis project.

We apply a proactive approach that keeps your systems and network safe from intruders, minimizes risks of breaches, and gives you a set of proven strategies to mitigate remaining risks. Mitigation would typically include a 3-2-1 backup plan that allows you to restore your data to a clean state prior to any infection or breach.

We do not generally clean individual infections that have occurred as a result of weak preventative defenses or measures that do not add value to the client or its customers. An exception would be an opportunity to analyze a breach for insurance purposes, or to address vulnerabilities and events that lead to the infection or breach in order to provide future protection plan.

Video Conferencing – We work with clients to provide improvements that will reduce costs in the long term, such as integrated video conferencing system to connect remote offices, traveling users, or even customers. We can help you find a good fit for your technology expectations and budget. The idea here is to provide the best quality experience that reduces the amount of in-person visits that will ultimately increase your work performance and save your business associated travel costs.

We do not generally assist with individual 1:1 video sessions or one-time conferencing solutions except where that particular solution might be used effectively and repeatedly. Solutions that scale well are a benefit to our clients and help them to perform better over time.

Network Performance and Security – We assist clients to understand their wired or wireless network topology, any shortcomings in design or implementation, and recommend measures to improve performance, stability, and security. We can perform surveys of existing wireless networks to identify weak spots and recommend solutions according to the business needs. We can also provide network maps of existing systems for documentation purposes or for planning changes. When you are ready for a change, we can help with laying new wired networks, expanding wireless networks, installing and configuring switches, routers, and even firewalls. We use top grade equipment, tools, and materials and all of our work is done according to industry standards. We plan thoroughly and execute quickly to maximize your benefits and minimize downtime.

We do not work with consumer-grade network components that inherently provide weak performance and security. Exception would be an opportunity to redesign the network utilizing proper commercial grade components.. These conversions offer greater performance, reliability, and security for the company and fulfill these long term needs.

E-mail Issues – We help clients understand essentials for sending and receiving e-mail properly. This may include removal from blacklists, updating Internet information, and even migrating on-premises systems or providers if necessary. We can design new e-mail servers and migrate your company from your existing system for a fresh start. We help with e-mail server backups and continuity plans. All the work is thoughtfully pre-planned with you to ensure the least amount of downtime required and to minimize the impact to your business.

We do not handle client-side application (e.g. Outlook) spam filtering, incidental questionable incoming messages, or minor bugs with the application. An exception would be as part of a migration to a better e-mail or security system for the client that solves these problems company-wide, reduces long-term costs, improves performance, or increases security.

Storage Solutions – We work with clients to understand their storage needs, cost structures, performance, security, flexibility, and any associated immediate storage pain points. We can provide an objective assessment of the existing system and recommend solutions based on the needs of the business.

For instance, there is a strong general desire to utilize various cloud-based systems out of convenience. Additionally, the perception that someone else’s server is more secure or better maintained can be appealing. We can walk you through a cost-benefit analysis that aims at your company’s needs and expectations. The results are often surprising!

We Do Not sell flash drives, hard drives, or DVDs unless they are part of the overall solution goal to add value to the company’s infrastructure. The emphasis is on long-term solutions that add value to your customers, improve efficiencies, or increase performance.

Backups and Archives – We work with clients to discover their backup needs, express some related best practices to ensure restoration of data and maintain archives for regulatory or HR policy compliance. This is commonly one of the most misunderstood aspects to business technology.

The backup plan should be part of the company’s larger continuity plan so that in case of an emergency, disaster, data breach, virus infection, or request from authorities. Your company should be able to quickly recover the data and restore critical systems to a reasonable working state that ensures minimal downtime.

We do not perform incidental backup or restore operations within systems that do not meet the client’s goals. These one-time operations provide little long-term value to the business and costs could seem high to the client. An exception would be as part of an overall plan to recover a critical system, upgrade or augment existing systems, or an overall redesign that is better suited to the company’s expectations.

Business Continuity Planning – We provide guidance and expertise to develop, plan, and implement processes and policies to ensure continuation of the business in extreme situations. This could include data identification and valuation as part of a risk assessment. We can also perform vulnerability assessment of your network and various systems, review related personnel policies, examine off-site storage options, and help the client’s understand their own comfort level for critical systems downtime.

But we do not put out fires (physical or proverbial) for incidental losses or provide cyber security or business insurance. But we will work with clients to restore their business after an event, help investigate the root cause, and chart the best strategies to prevent for future incidents.

Of course, there are many more possibilities. We recognize that each business is different, with its own unique way of working, budget constraints, and expectations. Ultimately, we want to help you discover the right technology that fits your business.

Engage Business Solutions, LLC has the knowledge, the expertise, the vendor contacts, and the willingness to help your small business through challenging times. Whether you have two employees or 200, we can show you how to maximize hardware and software technology to fit the way you work. Give us a call today at (260) 383-4084 or email us now and schedule a FREE initial consultation.

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