Includes planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management of technology.

Hardware generally consists of the endpoint PCs (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) that are actively used by workers in the business. Software is the programmed systems and applications residing within any given hardware endpoint. These endpoints are interconnected using various switches, routers, firewalls, and Internet gateways. Within the networks are servers and other passive network devices (printers, scanners, etc.) used in the process of getting our daily work done.

So when people think about the technology components that make their businesses tick, they may forget that components were designed to work together within the network.

It’s a sort of private party with all devices making connections and exchanging information in the background. This demonstrates that no single device works alone, and that the whole technology picture in your business is greater than the sum its technology parts.

Traditional technology support companies focus on the individual technology pieces. They clean up viruses, they install switches, and install updates. While that work is good and necessary, it ignores the bigger picture, the reason all that equipment exists under roof in the first place. Instead focusing on components, we look for the whole business picture. By working from your unique business perspective, we devise technology solutions to your particular problems, to your benefit.

Do we support Dell computers. Sure.
HP printers? Of course.
Microsoft server environments? Yes, we cover those too.

But in the grand scheme we consider how all these work together to support your business.

For instance, while investigating a faulty printer, we may also uncover a security flaws in it that expose your Microsoft servers to unwanted intrusions unwittingly enabled by the operator of a particular Dell PC. That holistic approach enables us to recognize problems quickly and get to the heart of the matter before it becomes a greater problem.

Any intermediate PC repair technician worth his salt can fix your desktop computer. Those that can do that well should continue providing that service. But when the need is greater, when you have real business questions or larger problems that seem overwhelming, you need an expert that understand technology and can relate to your business needs

Engage Business Solutions, LLC has the knowledge, the expertise, the vendor contacts, and the willingness to help your small business through challenging times. Whether you have two employees or 200, we can show you how to maximize hardware and software technology to fit the way you work. Give us a call today at (260) 383-4084, email us now, or use the contact form below to schedule a FREE initial consultation. It’s Tech That Fits.