Wired or wireless, a good network infrastructure can provide reliability and performance your business can depend on, including video conferencing.

We have noticed a growing trend toward connecting all sorts of devices throughout the business with wireless technologies. But is that really the best choice?

Yes, wireless can be very flexible to connect and integrate disparate devices. There are many advantages to wireless – including cost – that might cause a person to discount wired connections.

There are some cases where wireless works best. There may be areas that are difficult to wire or just inhospitable to humans that make a wireless connection the most practical solution. In other cases, for instance where rodents have been found to chew thorough wires, wireless networks offer advantages over wired.

Other applications require better network performance, security, and reliability that outweigh the costs savings of using wireless networks. These might include POS systems, security cameras and alarms, fire suppression devices. Servers and high-performing workstations typically perform best with wired connections. Other connections that do not benefit from mobility including desktop computers, printers, VOIP phones should generally be wired.

Additionally, we have found that wireless connections can be made between buildings on the same property, or even to other company-controlled sites several miles away. Today’s technology allows the use of wireless networking in ways that can dramatically reduce the cost of growing a business.

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