Solutions that fit the way you work.

We are technology advocates helping businesses grow.

As technology consultants, we help small businesses use technology to their competitive advantage. Use technology to help your business to

> Meet customer expectations
> Enhance marketing
> Improve security
> Improve services delivery
> Reduce inventory costs
> Improve product or service turns
> Improve customer experience
> Reduce operating costs
> Increase revenue.

We can work with you to define the problem and offer valuable solutions from the myriad of options available today.

Every business owner and manager has a slightly different approach to their customers. Even so, proven practices exist to help nearly every small business improve their bottom line and long-term outlook. That’s where we shine.

Internet outages or poor performance can be a major disruption to your business.

We can analyze your workflows, existing Internet performance, and exerted Internet demands to identify the service that suits you best.

Then we can work with area Internet providers to negotiate prices and contract details on your behalf to help secure the best deal.

We take a long-term approach to problem solving — and that does not involve Band-Aids. The biggest problems get the first priority.

Let us help you
Convert your problems to potentials,
Add value to your business, and
Increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Choose Security

Security is on front and center these days, and for good reason.

Threats to small businesses seem to be everywhere, and the consequences for lax controls can be devastating.

Your company’s intellectual property
day-to-day transaction information
even employee identifiable information

Experts urge small businesses to:

Identify your valuable data
Protect the data by eliminate risks
Mitigate remaining risks with backups

Regulations like HIPAA and PCI affect also many businesses, and may provide security guidelines.

Business growth can be found in various technologies.

Converting your phone system from an old PBX to a new VOIP phone system adds flexibility, improves communication, and increases responsiveness.

Upgrading your WiFi to help manage inventory or serve visitors in your restaurant.

Adding security cameras can give you and your customers peace of mind, while also helping to reduce your insurance costs.

We offer you:
Peace of mind and reliable systems
Greater technical understanding
Insight for smarter business decisions
Documentation of all our work
Reliable products and services
Solutions that fit your budget
Simplicity you can manage
Value-driven solutions

This means:
No managed services
No auto-renewing annual contracts
No recurring monthly charges
No monitoring of sensitive systems
No dependence on us

Using technology in creative ways
to increase your company’s
competitive advantage all starts with
a candid, FREE initial consultation.
A little of your time, on our dime.
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